Brochures and Documents

All brochures and documents are available in PDF format.

Channel Guide

• Printable Channel Guide
Channel Guide A-Z, 1-300


• Internet – Fiber – Residential
• Internet – Fiber – Business
• Internet – Cable – Residential
• Internet – Cable – Business
• Internet – Fixed Wireless – Residential/ Business
• Cable TV – Residential/ Business
• Telephone- Residential
• Telephone – Business
• Wire Guard
• PC / Device Security
• Computer Services / Home-Business Networks
• Home / Business Networks, Managed WiFI
• Construction Services


Spring 2017
Winter 2016
Summer 2016
Spring 2016
Winter 2015
Fall 2015
Summer 2015
Spring 2015
Winter 2014
• Fall 2014
• Summer 2014
• Spring 2014
• Fall 2013
• Summer 2013
• Spring 2013
• Winter 2013


PC Telcom General Service Application

• PC Telcom General Service Application
(For all services)


Application for Service
Fiber UPS Battery Replacement
Fixed Wireless – Prices
Internet Lease Terms and Conditions


How to Change Your PC Telcom Email Password
How to Configure PC Telcom Email Using Apple Mail (iPhone/iPad)

Wi-Fi HotSpots

• Wi-Fi HotSpot Portal Instructions – Android
• Wi-Fi HotSpot Portal One Sheet – Android
• Wi-Fi HotSpot Portal Instructions – Apple
• Wi-Fi HotSpot Portal One Sheet – Apple

Cable TV

Channel Guide
Application for Service
Cable TV Terms and Conditions
• Cable TV Lease Terms and Conditions

(Holyoke, Amherst)

Application for Service
Residential – Prices
• Business – Prices
Lifeline Program
Voicemail Instructions

Telephone Digital Voice (VoIP)

(Ovid, Sedgwick, Julesburg)


Videos (How to)


Welcome User Manual
iOS App
Android App
Videos (How to)

Main Street Messenger

• Brochure / Flyer

Managed WiFi

• Managed WiFi Terms and Conditions

Wire Guard

Terms and Conditions – Telephone
Terms and Conditions – Cable
• Terms and Conditions – Cat5 / Wireless

Computer Repair

Repair Form

PC / Device Security

Order Form


ACH Form
Credit Card Payment Form
Terms and Conditions

Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI)

• CPNI Change Form – Holyoke and Amherst
• CPNI Change Form – All other areas

Phillips County Telephone COOP

Patronage Brochure

Terms and Conditions

 Internet Lease Terms and Conditions
• Cable TV Lease Terms and Conditions
 VOIP Terms and Conditions
• General Terms and Conditions

PC Telcom Statement Regarding Services For Customers With Disabilities

 PC Telcom Statement Regarding Services For Customers With Disabilities

USDA Nondiscrimination Statement

PC Telcom Nondiscrimination Statement
Full USDA Nondiscrimination Statement – DR-4300-003 USDA Equal Opportunity Publication Notification